It’s hard to believe January is upon us and 2017 is in full swing. It seems like only yesterday I was struggling to find 2-0-1-6 glasses for my kids at Target. Now, here we are again.

As we launch into a new calendar year, I implore you to take stock of your career.

Make time to celebrate any successes you may have had in 2016.  Consider areas of opportunity to focus on in 2017. Be sure to consider activities to promote your professional value and boost your brand.

Ring in the New Year with drive and determination with these 17 Tips to Boost Your Brand in 2017:

1. Clarify your values. Determine what drives you internally and externally.  Use this listing as a guidepost when considering projects, proposals, and prospects.

2. Write down your goals. Did you know that the act of simply documenting a goal on paper can increase your likelihood of success by nearly 40%? Studies show that expressing that commitment out loud can elevate success rates to over 80%. Talk about your goals early and often.

3. Perfect your positioning statement. Develop a concise and compelling elevator pitch. The ability to articulate your unique value proposition is critical to advancing your career.

4. Create a powerful LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is the THE place to be for professionals on the rise. Access tips to writing compelling content HERE.

5. Evaluate your presence on all social media platforms. Once you’ve perfected your profile, consider other online representations of your brand.  Ensure content and images are in alignment with how you would like to be viewed by others.

6. Google your name. Review first page search results and develop a plan for mitigation if certain items are less than desirable. Set reminders to perform this activity at least once a quarter.

7. Set 30-60-90 day networking goals. How many new contacts do you hope to add to your virtual Rolodex in the next year? Work backwards and identify how many face-to-face, telephone, and email contacts you will make each week.

8. Update your resume. Work to ensure your resume reflects your most recent accomplishments. Draft compelling content and build visual appeal with these modern elements.  Or schedule a complimentary resume consultation to receive expert advice.

9. Reach out to role models. Identify 10 influencers in your field of interest and develop a plan for reaching out to each. Cultivate relationships with that will help you attain your long-term career goals.

10. Register for an association or industry event. Move your industry knowledge to the next level and make valuable connections along the way.

11. Update your wardrobe. Exude confidence with every step. Consider working with an image consultant to get an authentic, yet professional look.

12. Start a “Career Kudos” file. Keep track of compliments and commendations received in the workplace. Maintain emails from your colleagues, vendors, and customers that highlight your talents.  Share these with your boss during your next performance evaluation.

13. Become a lifelong learner. Write down what new skills you may need to achieve your goals. Develop a training plan for acquiring those skills and socialize that plan with your supervisor.

14. Solicit 360 feedback. Solicit feedback from key stakeholders to assess your standing around the office. Develop a formal or informal survey requesting input on your personality and performance.

15. Ascertain your self-accountability. Review what practices have worked for you in the past in regards to maintaining commitments. Identify any accountability barriers you may face and develop a mitigation plan.

16. Lend a hand. Volunteering inside and outside the office is a great way to enhance your brand and feel good doing it.

17. Sweat the small stuff. Look for additional avenues to live your brand. These may include your voicemail message, email signature, and business cards. It only takes 8 seconds to make a lasting first impression.