In honor of International Update Your Resume Month, I am offering 5 quick tips to take your resume to the next level in under 5 minutes.

1. Margins: Considering your resume is a marketing tool, formatting can be as important as content. To ensure readability, keep document margins between .7” and 1.0”.

2. Font: According to Bloomberg, job seekers can increase the visual appeal within a resume simply by avoiding Times New Roman. Human Resource professionals consider this font style outdated and will assume the candidate merely added to an existing document rather than generating a new and relevant brand for his/her search.

3. Pronouns: While resumes need to be written in the first person, the use of common pronouns such as I, WE, and OURS should be eliminated. This not only helps to create quick and easy-to-read statements, but can go a long way in helping the reader visualize your accomplishments on his/her own terms.

4. Articles of Speech: With an average review time of only 6 seconds, modern resumes need to deliver maximum value in a minimal amount of time. One of the best methods for ensuring tight and compelling sentence structure is to remove any articles of speech. Avoid extraneous use of A and THE throughout the document to give focus to key messages.

5. Photos: Research has shown resumes with a photo are 88% more likely to get rejected. Save your glamorous business headshot for an online profile and allow your resume to focus on skills and achievements.

Now, doesn’t that feel better?

Incorporating these simple changes can elevate your brand and go a long way in improving the readability of your resume. If interested, dive into these additional suggestions on crafting a resume that gets results.