Job search NAvigation:     

search strategy to stay ahead of the pack

Are you currently seeking employment? Have you been looking for the next step in your career, but feel stuck and not sure where to turn? Feel bogged down by everything else around you, whether it is the cluttered desk or a packed social calendar? This power-packed Module, with four courses and extensive supplemental material, offers tips and tactics to conducting a successful job search. Gain confidence in knowing you are efficiently going about your job search in the best way.

Job search navigation

Search strategy to stay ahead of the pack


Have you spent countless hour looking for jobs? Have you felt unsure which jobs to apply to? Job Search Navigation is the fifth Module in the Job Search GPS program. Finding your next job requires strategy, commitment and focus. Learn how best to develop a job search strategy, set goals, when to revise your goals, and how to go about the job search process with confidence. This Module has four video courses with supplemental materials to provide insight into the modern day job search process.

in this course, you will learn to:

  • Identify a Clear Target for your Job Search Process
  • Create a Multi-Channel Search Strategy
  • Develop a Network that “Truly” Works
  • Build your own customized Career Marketing Plan

who should take this course?

  • You’ve been applying to jobs and are started to wonder if you are going about it in the right way.
  • You feel lost in the process.
  • Wondering, is there is a better way to be job searching?

In Every Job Search GPS Module:

on-demand access

Access course content and materials whenever, wherever. Watch course videos at your own pace, with the ability to rewind and re-watch at anytime.

Expert knowledge & Latest trends

Course content is delivered to you by Ohio’s #1 Resume Writer, and includes the latest industry insights and trends on career management.

Your Questions Answered

At the end of each Module, you will have the opportunity to ask any additional questions pertaining to the module topic.

supplmental instructions & Bonus materials

Each Module includes supplemental materials to guide you step by step. You will receive worksheets and checklists showing the specific steps and questions to help you through the process. 

job search navigation Module includes:


Course I.

goal setting  

Learn the importance of setting a clear target for your job search process.


Course II.

Common search Strategies 

Traditional versus targeted search strategies, search channels and the stats behind what is most effective. Developing a company target list. 

Course III.


The real definition of networking, How to create mutual beneficial relationships, sample conversations/ approaches , Networking tips for introverts.

COURSE IV. virtual networking tips 

Tap into the online world of networking via email or social media, Learn the do’s and don’ts.


Networking Brainstorm Worksheet


Target Company Tracker



Resume precision

Cover Letter Essentials

Linkedin powerup

Maximizing Interview Performance

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