We can learn a lot about the job search process from today’s online dating websites and apps. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld once quipped, “Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night?”

These days, dating is even more synonymous with the job search process with websites like OkCupid, Bumble or Tinder. Like a resume, your online dating profile needs to significantly stand out from the rest of the competition to get you to the next step.  Inevitably, tips to improve your dating profile are also applicable to your resume; both are documents that need to represent you well to attract the right people.

Here are lessons to take away from online dating that’ll help your future employer swipe right:

Create visual interest.
There are no photos of you on a resume, but its formatting and language matter as much as a Tinder profile’s primary photo. Check grammar and punctuation meticulously. Not only that, research what a current, modern resume looks like. Did you know that Times New Roman is considered an outdated font? A beautifully written profile or a resume with all the qualifications is great, but it needs to be visually appealing too. And for a resume, that translates to a modern format.

Bring your best self forward.
Just like your dating profile wouldn’t be about that week where you spent all your nights in re-watching OITNB, a resume should focus on the highlights, not the mundane. Accomplishments and a unique value proposition are needed to steal a hiring manager’s heart.  In your positions, avoid restricting the bullet points to descriptions on what your day-to-day activities are.  A potential employer should see what your ROI could be by looking at your resume.

Know what you are looking for before going in.
Not targeting your job search is one of the top ten job search mistakes people make. The desire to be all encompassing will be strong—but that doesn’t work, in online dating or in a job search. You will be better served with a target in mind. You should have an idea of the person you want to meet online, and the same should be true for a future employer. Crafting a resume with this in mind helps it to be better and already gives you an idea of which companies you should target.  In the end, the person who tries to attract everyone— in both cases—will just seem bland and boring, devoid of anything unique.

Get out there and put your best foot forward! True love often starts with making a positive; the same can be said for your dream job.