To cultivate the positioning that will help you reach your career goals, you must understand and be able to communicate what makes you exceptional and compelling.

You must find a way to stand out in a crowded job market.

If you’re not known for something, you won’t be known for anything. One size does not fit all.

To identify how to position yourself, it helps to examine a couple of key issues:

What is the Company’s Need? What specific problem are they trying to solve with this job? Are they trying to make money? Save money? Save time? Keep existing customers? Acquire new customers?

What are your Core Abilities? What special abilities do you possess that separate you from other candidates for this position?

What are your Values? What is your belief system (behavior and ethics) that is inherent to you? Does this set you apart?

What is your Connection to the Company’s Need? Do you possess something special that solves your target employer’s problem?

Look to your work history for clues to your positioning and determine what in your work history did you do to make things better? Look for instances where you showed leadership and accomplishments. Check out your existing online profile to discover what comes up when you Google yourself? What is your social media presence and what are you known for online?

Once you’ve identified your personal positioning, see how you can incorporate it into your everyday work life. This will make you worth more to your current employer and make you more attractive as a job candidate when it is time for you to look for a new position.