If you have a solid background, demonstrated skills, and a noteworthy networking strategy but still aren’t landing any interviews, it may be time to re-examine your resume.

• Does your resume contain highlights of your most recent accomplishments, or are you showcasing value from 5+ years ago?

• Is your resume written in a marketing tone? That is, are you demonstrating value with quantifiable details (numbers, percentages, and dollars) where possible, or is the document just a chronological listing of your job responsibilities?

• Are you using the resume to apply for targeted positions, or something different than it was originally intended? (Example: If the resume was developed to pursue a teaching position, but you’re using it to apply for a job at a nonprofit.)

• If you wrote the resume yourself — or had a friend or relative write it — has it been thoroughly checked for spelling and/or grammar errors?

• Is the formatting consistent and easy to read? Is use of bold, italics, underline, and color used only to emphasize key points. Is there adequate white space to lead the reader’s eye down the page?

If any of the above items gave you pause, it may be time to call a professional. Consider having your marketing documents reviewed by a certified resume writer who can give you objective advice about whether it meets today’s standards for the modern marketplace.

The process of having your resume written by a professional resume writer can be eye-opening. Most resume writers will work with you to identify your personal brand — what makes you unique as a jobseeker — and collect strong accomplishments that will help define how you can be an asset to your next employer. It may especially be helpful if you have a difficult time viewing your work through an objective lens, or simply dread the thought of re-writing it.

It’s crazy to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. If you resume isn’t making the grade, ask for help. Your job search will thank you for it.