1. Update your resume. You never know when ­your dream job will become available. Make sure your resume is ready so you can respond quickly.

2. Enhance your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn doesn’t replace the resume — it complements it. Customize your URL, craft a well-branded headline, and write an engaging summary using a conversational tone to build a strong online brand.

3. Increase your connections. Speaking of LinkedIn, slowly begin to expand your network with new invitations. Make a goal of adding one new contact each day.

4. Build your Personal Board of Directors. Identify key stakeholders in your career (ex. supervisors, mentors, thought leaders) and make a concerted effort to reach out and get face time with each.

5. Clean up your language. Grammarly takes the guesswork out of great writing. Download the free app to begin checking emails and documents to eliminate grammar errors, misspellings, and incorrect punctuation.

6. Start a Career Kudos file. As your shifting through and sending old files to the trash bin, collect any outcomes and accolades from your past work. Having these items at your fingertips will help jog your memory for your next performance evaluation.

7. Outline a learning development plan. Make a list of 3 new skills you hope to acquire before the end of 2020 and write down action steps to get started.

8. Meet with a coach. If you are feeling stagnant at work and want to put yourself back into the driver’s seat, consider reaching out to a professional. Working with a career coach gives your goals the level of focus and accountability they deserve.

9. Get organized. Apps like 24me, Trello, and Evernote (even the occasional conversation with Siri) can boost your productivity by collecting random thoughts, important goals, and daily tasks.

10. Amp up your self-care routine. As the dreary days of winter are finally coming to a close, Spring is a great time to re-ignite your health and wellness habits.