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But too often, we feel stuck and unsure of how to take control of our career. We fall into the cycle of justifying the status quo, aimlessly scrolling through job search engines, and watching the clock.

Either we are ready for a change but are unsure how to navigate the job market,

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We are eager for advancement but don’t know how to make a move without losing ourselves in the process.

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But when we access career management best practices and realign our priorities, we move from anxious and apathetic to calm, confident, and connected.

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We Build
Career Paths


Meet Our Founder

Kris McGuigan

Early in Kris’s career, a supervisor coined the term “professional courage” to describe her direct and fearless approach to problem-solving. As a trailblazing entrepreneur, award-winning speaker, and author, Kris McGuigan now brings that same bold outlook to leaders across the globe.

In founding Professional Courage, Kris translated 15 years of corporate success into a targeted mission: empowering high potentials to uncover their values and unleash their potential.

Over the past decade, she has guided countless leaders to embrace new challenges with authenticity and audacity.

Kris has been the featured speaker at Fortune 500 companies, small business associations, industry conferences, and globally broadcast virtual summits. Her book, The Requisite Courage: How to Make Brave Decisions in Business & Life, is a science-based approach to fear management that helps you overcome self-doubt, take more risks, and get results.

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of Courageous Career Pathing


Internal and external factors that drive your search

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Your attitudes, attributes, and aspirations serve as the foundation for an intentional transition. You’ll lean into your interests and identify a clear target that aligns with your most authentic self, igniting maximum performance.


Verbal and written tools that promote your value

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Articulating your value to recruiters, hiring managers, and decision-makers will enable you to stand out from the crowd and be recognized as a high potential. You’ll save time, money, and sleepless nights with career marketing materials that get you noticed.


People and opportunities that secure your future

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With the necessary toolkit on hand, you will develop a career marketing plan customized to your needs and personality. You’ll leverage your network to build relationships with key stakeholders and ready yourself to open the door when opportunity knocks.

Professionals on a

Career Path

  • Operate in their zone of genius
  • Look forward to Monday mornings
  • Feel ready for next-level opportunities
  • Construct and adhere to a timeline for growth
  • Take an active role in achieving their desired level of success

And They Experience...

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Higher Performance
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Choose the Service That’s Right For You

Resume Writing

Get results with a top-tier resume crafted by an Academy Certified Resume Writer. Successfully move through Applicant Track Software (ATS) systems and capture the attention of internal recruiters and hiring managers. Written in your genuine voice and showcasing the latest in modern resume formatting, become a sought-after candidate ready for the next opportunity that comes your way.

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LinkedIn Strategy

Put your best foot forward with a carefully crafted online profile. Get noticed with 5-star content and optimized settings. Our team of experts will help you implement an engagement strategy that will drastically increase visibility and enhance credibility in just minutes a day.

Interview Training

Ace the interview by brilliantly showcasing your return on investment. Become the ideal candidate with insider knowledge of standard interview structure and avoid traps intended to take you out of the running. Learn to respond to FAQs and behavioral interview questions with ease while mastering best practices for closing the deal.

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Career Coaching

Experience one-on-one coaching with a Certified Career Management Coach. Stay focused with a trusted advisor who will walk alongside you to develop an easy-to-follow plan for action and accountability. Whether you are exploring new career options, looking to orchestrate a targeted search campaign, or positioning yourself for advancement, we have a plan to fit your needs.

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Ready to Build a

Career Path?

Download your customizable Career Marketing Map for free and move into the driver’s seat of your career today.

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